Robert Elinskas

Hunting Author
Robert Elinskas

Robert Elinskas has spent over half a century hunting the Adirondacks, and telling great tales of the Adirondacks by writing books. Past works include; A Deer Hunters History Book / Hunting Central NY Whitetails and Other Wild Adventures / The Old Days in the Adirondacks & On Tug Hill / Adirondack Camps and Hunts / Adirondack Hunters and Trappers / In The Woods With Adirondack Sportsmen / A Taste Of Wild Alaska / and In Camp With Adirondack Hunters.

Elinskas recently released a ninth book called “Adirondack Clubs and Camps.” This work records the history and adventures of a dozen Adirondack camps, including the “Ridge Runners Camp” that is located just north of our event in Bleecker NY. Elinskas will be on hand for both days of the event with copies of all nine of his works available for sale and signing. You may even catch a member (or two) of the “Ridge Runners” hanging out by his booth during the event


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