Robert (Bob) Kazmierski

The Wildlife Sports & Educational Museum

Bob is a self-taught taxidermist who began his career at the age of 7 when he mounted a Pigeon.  Through simply reading books on the subject from his local library, he spent his childhood self-teaching himself the art.  He started his own taxidermy studio (Bob’s Taxidermy) in 1958.  This operation included taxidermy, taxidermy supply distribution and the creation of “hand-made deer skin gloves”.

As he traveled in the “taxidermist circles” he always dreamed of a venue that would allow all taxidermists to show off their works and to allow others to learn.  And as the years passed and he watched the interest of our younger generations in the outdoors wane, he really began to think about a venue that would also help teach our youth about the sports of Hunting, Fishing & Trapping, and ultimately start to generate more interest in these sports.

In 2001, Bob purchased an old Grand Union Building in Vail Mills NY with his own retirement & personal savings and pushed forward with the dream.  Several years & several hundred thousand dollars later, the dream became a reality when the “Wildlife Sports & Educational Museum” officially opened in 2005.  The museum contains the taxidermy work of over 65 different taxidermists from around the country as well as many of Bob’s own works.  Included in those works are 125 World Record Whitetail Deer Mounts, and full-size mounts of Bear, Buffalo, Wolves, Mountain Lions, Goats, Sheep, Musk Oxen, Birds & Fish.  THIS PLACE IS “THE COOPERSTOWN OF TAXIDERMY”.

It also features artifacts and inter-active exhibits which outline the history of Hunting, Fishing & Trapping.  These exhibits are designed to not only preserve the history of these sports, but to also teach the younger generations and help foster a renewed interest in these sports.  The museum now generates visitors from all 50 states and from places as far away as Australia.  It is also the home of the NY State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame.

Through Bob’s efforts, this Museum has effectively raised the public’s awareness of outdoor recreational opportunities statewide and beyond, the fostered new interest of our younger generations in the outdoors.  In 2019, Bob was honored by the New York State Outdoor Writers Association with the M. Paul Keesler New York Outdoor Citizen Award.  The NYSOWA M. Paul Keesler New York Outdoor Citizen Award is presented to an individual or organization that effectively has raised the public’s awareness of outdoor recreational opportunities and conservation issues in New York State.  Bob certainly lives up to this award each and every day.

Bob and the National Wildlife Sports Museum will have an exhibit at this year’s show.  The exhibit will showcase some of the record mounts from the museum.  Come meet this living legend for yourself and hear his stories about the history of Taxidermy and that of the creating of his Museum.  To learn more about the National Wildlife Sports & Educational Museum, visit www.wildlifesportsmuseum.com


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